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Rub on woman heel

New shoes ah? Oh yeah, I can see the situation. Some relative give you a pair of shoes as a present for christmas. Your likes never matched. And there you are, getting those shoes and telling them "oooh my...they're beautiful" (c'mon, you're lying and you know it). So, a few weeks ago, you decided to give a try. "They aren't so bad" say to yourself. The first couple of hours you feel confortable. But wait. Can you feel that? oh no...they... rub... your... heel. And you forgot your strips at home. I't's gonna be a loooooong day.

Great people of bigstock approved me a few more photos, like the one above. Hope you like them. Here's the link.

Take care!!

Photo Art Lucas

Fotógrafo de bancos de imágenes.

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